The Good Luck of Right Now

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28 June 2014

Dear Mr. Richard Gere,

You do not know me, and I probably haven't watched Pretty Woman in about tweny years, but we have recently become acquainted through Matthew Quick's new book, The Good Luck of Right Now. Have you heard of Mr. Quick? He is also the author of The Silver Linings Playbook which was made into an Academy Awarding winning movie starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Did you know Bradley Cooper and I share the same first name? He was also in the remake of the A-Team, which did not receive very good reviews. Being a movie star, do you ever watch movies? Especially now that you are no longer in them?

The book The Good Luck of Right Now is about a man not much older than myself (I am 34), who has recently lost his mom who he has lived with his whole life to brain cancer. She was the center of his world, but there were also the Catholic Church and the library for him to fall back on. Father McNamee and the Girlbrarian. That is what Bartholomew Niel called his librarian dream girl even though she is not really a librarian because they do not pay her and she is only a volunteer.

I won The Good Luck of Right Now last Tuesday night at Nash Cocktail, the monthly networking event Dave Delaney puts on with the help of various sponsors. This past Tuesday the event was at the Jackalope Brewing Company. Did you know that the Jackalope Brewing Company was started here in Nashville by women, Richard Gere? I have not met them personally because there has always been a man tending bar when I have been there, but this past Tuesday Dave Delaney comfirmed the rumors that I had heard in this regard were true. I have a goal of meeting and talking to at least one person at every Nash Cocktail. Usually I am nervous about this goal so I bring along Cara. Did you know that she is my wife? We have been married almost seventeen years. She is somewhat like my own personal Girlbrarian. She also worked at the library when she was attending the Georgia Institute of Technology, but unlike the real Girlbrarian she was paid for her labor.

Every month at Nash Cocktail Dave Delaney has everyone put their business cards in a box and then draws for prizes. They do not have to be real business cards. Cara does not have real business cards and so she often uses one of mine with my name crossed out and replaced with hers. This past Tuesday she used a card from a vendor at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival we attended last month. Do you know about LARPing, Richard Gere? It is Live Action Role Playing. People dress up as if they lived in Elizabethan England and speak in bad British accents. I have never been to England like you Richard Gere because I am not a famous actor. I have been to Canada though, like Matthew Quick's character Bartholomew Niel in The Good Luck of Right Now.

Have you been to Canada, Richard Gere?

Or do famous people only visit famous countries?

Do they?

I wish you would answer me, Richard Gere.

Cara also won a book about Canada. The past week's sponsor of Nash Cocktail, Ingram Content Group, provided books autographed by their authors as prizes for Dave Delaney's business card lottery. Dave Delaney was very excited about the signed autobiography of Bobby Orr. He was a famous hockey player in the mid-twentieth century who changed the way the game is played according to Wikipedia. I can understand why Dave Delaney was excited because autographed copies of Bobby Orr's book are selling on eBay for $185.99 where autographed copies of Matthew Quick's The Good Luck of Right Now can be purchased for $39.99. Do you know Bobby Orr, Richard Gere? He was famous on the TV which I have heard is not like being famous in the movies, but maybe you still know him.

I am writing this letter at my Grandma's house. You would like my Grandma, Richard Gere. She always cooks us fancy meals and we stay at her house whenever we visit Atlanta. We used to stay at my parents' house but they moved to Hilton Head and sold their house to a family with nine children. Nine children is a lot to live in one house, but that is a very big house. My mom did not like having to clean such a big house, especially when there were only two people and two dogs living in it rather than the nine children who live there now. I wonder if the nine children are from a mixed family like the Brady Bunch or if they all have the same two parents.

In the book The Good Luck of Right Now, Bartholomew Niel wrote to you about how his mom called him Richard toward the end of her life rather than his real name. This is likely because she had brain cancer. My Grandma, I am very happy to say, does not have brain cancer, but she does call me Jim fairly often. Jim is my dad's name. Her son. My dad looks like me now that he grew a beard like me and I grew fat like him. I am not as fat as I used to be because I run monthly races. Last month I ran a 10 mile race in Bell Buckle, Tennessee at the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival. I took me an hour and fifty-four minutes which was slower than the ten mile split in the half marathon I ran in April. That took me an hour and forty-two minutes. I could have run faster but they did not have any port-o-potties along the course and I am a very modest person. Most people are not as modest as I am. I saw one lady stop to squat and pee on the side of the road. I could not do that. I had to wait for a forested side road to run a long way down to go the bathroom where no one could see me.

I have to go now, Richard Gere, because Cara and Grandma say I have to be more social even though I do not really want to.

Your admiring fan,
Bradley Wogsland


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