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29 October 2016

There are some people that only touch your life tangentially and yet still add value. Grant Hickey has been a YouTube friend for over a decade, even contributing the the infamous birthday video of 2007, and it was great to meet him in meatspace this morning at a race honoring his son and rescue dog, Xena. Ironically he's been working for the city of John's Creek, where both Cara & my parents lived after it was incorporated in north Fulton County. Today Alora, Brittan and I ran a 5K to raise money for the autism his son has as well as the rescue dog that befriended him. And I got to meet them both. Jonny warmly put his hand on my shoulder and Xena gave my fingers a good nip for getting close to him.

Despite stopping to talk and take a pic I still managed to place 2nd in my age division, while Alora & Brittan took 1st and 2nd in theirs. Although I finished 20 minutes before them...

After the race we picked up Avery for the afternoon and had lunch at the WaHo before heading over to Vickery Creek. I've been hiking the trails here since before we even moved to Georgia. We made it all the way to the falls at the old dam and the kids all 5 had a blast playing in the water. Most got quite wet. Then we dropped off Alora & Brittan at the MARTA station so they could go to a concert and headed over to Packie & Ansley's for the evening. Ellie was quite glad for the kid party that ensued. Here are all the pics.

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