Tahoe Independence Day Run to the Beach

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4 July 2018

Tahoe Pics

This week so far has been a pretty regular work week for me except I get to hang out with family every evening! Monday night was at the beach and last night was a tea party and then spaghetti here where we're staying. Julie left Tuesday. Alora and Brittan left this morning. Kristen and Dillon and my parents are here through the week though. Next week I've got to spend in Perrysburg onbaording a new employee, so I'll be out too but then back again for Dell's birthday as will Julie and Kristen.

This morning saw 8 of us run a 5K from the hills down to the beach. Dillon did the best of us of course, but I managed to edge out Kristen this time. She beat me in the last race we ran together - the Polar Bear 5K on New Year's Day back in 2009. Kristen, Dillon, Maxwell and Ken all managed to place in their age divisions as well even though there were over 300 people in the race! Our times:

Runner Time Award
Dillon Meredith 23:04 2nd (30-34)
Bradley Wogsland 26:55 -
Kristen Meredith 27:02 3rd (30-34)
Maxwell Wogsland 32:13 2nd (15-19)
James (Dillon's friend) 37:19 Best Dressed
Ken Nicholas 38:59 3rd (50-54)
Brenton Nicholas 40:36 -
Cara Wogsland 41:02 -

Brenton, Maxwell, Cara, Kristen, James, Dillon, Bradley, & Ken

Champions who placed in today's race!!

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