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Week Kilometers Planned Kilometers Ran Events
1 - 21
2 - 7
3 - 11
4 - 5
5 21 20
6 28 31 Vinter 10
7 30 31
8 35 17
9 35 16
10 40 18
11 40 36 Cyprus Half Marathon cancelled
12 50 25 Stavanger Baseball Tournament cancelled
13 50 52
14 50 26 Wet Sox vs. ØHIL Royals cancelled
15 50 31
16 50 39
17 50 39
18 50 45
19 50 25 Wet Sox vs. Kristiansand Suns cancelled
20 50 0
21 50 17
22 50
23 50 Wet Sox vs. Trondheim cancelled
24 50 Wet Sox vs. ØHIL Royals cancelled
25 50
26 50 Kristiansand Baseball Tournament
27 50
28 50
29 50
30 50
31 50 Wet Sox vs. Oslo Pretenders
32 50
33 50
34 50 Wet Sox vs. Kristiansand Suns
35 50
36 50 Wet Sox vs. Trondheim
37 50 Wet Sox vs. Olso Pretenders
38 50
39 50
40 50
41 50
42 50
43 50
44 50
45 50
46 50
47 50
48 50
49 50
50 50
51 50
52 50

24 May 2020

So I should probably write about how much my ankle hurts these days. As I sit here writing this, the damn thing is throbbing again. This has meant that I haven't done much running. Instead I've been trying to go hiking with my boots that have more ankle support. With no races to train for for the foreseable future, I'm also without that usual motivation. And Strava has downgraded their service so that only paid subscribers can access a number of their features now. Clearly their days as a business are numbered. At least we've had baseball practice again the past two weeks.

1 May 2020 15 km

Ran clockwise around Damsgårdfjellet and was fortunate enough to join up with Dag Erik for one of his 15 loops around the lake.

29 April 2020 4 km

My ankle is sore, so this morning's run was a pain. I tried running up and down the streets near my house since I'm only going to be living here a couple more months. Not. Awesome.

17 April 2020 2 km

Today's run was nothing special - just a jaunt around the Lyngbøvatnet. It was, however, important to get out there after finding out yesterday afternoon that it was my last day at Dynata. I've done some other runs and hikes this week, but mostly nothing special. So last night was the first night of this new job hunt along with millions of others who have been let as the world economy has tanked as the death toll from coronavirus keeps growing. I'll have more time for running now, and it will be important to get out there every day to maintain a positive outlook.

9 April 2020 7 km

Another Stord run today, this time around the Ådlandsvatnet. Spring is really in full swing now, which means plenty of evening light and relatively warm weather but also pollen. Tonight's run in the setting sun was a beautiful one though, through horse farms and along a river up from the ocean to a lake and then around it. I do seem to like running around things...

7 April 2020 17 km

Today's run was around the lovely island of Stord. Being that it's Påskeferie and all I just couldn't stay home, and I've got a very nice place to stay while I'm here.

3 April 2020 9 km

Another beautiful snowy run this morning. I even stopped to do a vlog. The GPS got a little wonky though and had me speeding across a lake and back at the end, which has now given me some ridiculous "best" times for short distances.

2 April 2020 3 km

A piddly run this morning through hail and rain and snow, which can be exciting but hard to see through fogged wet glasses. It was still good to get out there though. I'm trying to start every day with running now if I can to give my life a little more routine. Routine can be liberating just like any other constraint because it frees the mind to think about other things than "Should I go for a run now? Or later? Or maybe I just won't run at all because I'd rather just get to work. But now it's dark and I haven't run yet. Should I go?" Routine frees one from all that.

1 April 2020 14 km

29 March 2020 7 km

This morning it snowed!!! So I definitely had to get out and run, even if was only my usual route around the Tennebekktjørna.

27 March 2020 22 km

This morning was a beautiful sunny day, so I decided to run into town and I enjoyed myself so much I ended up running a half marathon.

23 March 2020 12 km

People have so given up on this coronavirus bullshit. The sunny streets were filled with people. Parking lots were filled. The grocery store was filled. I ran around the mountain to get out of the house and destress and it was like any other spring day. We are not a species that generally deals with social isolation well. And weirdly it's starting to smell like Colorado or California out there on the streets - more reefer than cigarettes. What are you doing to yourself Norway?

I followed a pretty girl through Fyllingsdalen and got some PRs on those segments as one might expect. Weird part of living in the 21st century is that I can look her up afterward on Strava. If I run there again between 1 and 2 in the afternoon I'm likely to run into her again based on her history. This is the sort of wonderful free information the internet often gives us until someone realizes how to monetize it instead of giving it away.

19 March 2020 - 7km

This week I'm celebrating the coronavirus pandemic by spending more time being active. The past two days I've started off with yoga, which has been really relaxing. And I've been getting out into the woods running or hiking as time permits, but at least for a little while every day. This week I've done runs around the Tennebekktjørna twice, around the Lyngøvatnet, and hikes up Fløyen and along the Storavatnet. I have been using Strava less, so I can disconnect from my phone and the world behind it. And I've resolved not to worry about things I do not have control over, and to deal with the things I do and then not think about them otherwise. This rule is hard to implement in my brain, but necessary.

15 March 2020 25 km

Because of the coronavirus pandemic I did not today run in the Cyprus half marathon. It was cancelled. Instead I ran down around Løstakken and through my old stomping grounds. Blåhuset is still there although there aren't beehives in Langeskogen anymore. It was a good thinking run and I did some dictation on my phone as I often do.

8 March 2020

Friday I went running (7km) and did yoga before meeting Ane and going up to her cabin in Myrkdalen. There we spent Sarturday skiing (~7km?) and shoveling snow off of the roof, a somewhat futile task but an enjoyable one. Had to be careful not to shovel all the way down to the turf though! I was dead tired by evening and today I'm feeling the afterglow. No point in trying to ski more because overnight the snow turned to rain which soaks one cold to the bone. Next weekend is the half marathon in Cyprus and I think I am ready, but somewhat worried the coronavirus craziness will trap me along the way.

4 March 2020

Started off this morning with yoga - the first event of the Borealis festival. And I'll be doing it again Friday morning which will also be fun. I don't do yoga often enough, but it always feels so good when I do.

2 March 2020 - 3.5 km

Stress relief....

27 February 2020 - 9 km

Today I climbed up Kvarven in the snø with Vibeke and her dog, Luna. Luna is a husky, so we took turns letting her pull one of us in the sled as the other ran down the mountain. It was lots of fun for all three of us and the snø on the mountain was just beautiful to behold!

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26 February 2020

Today the only running I did was around the Slåtthaughallen gym. I've been practicing baseball there for a few months now and next month we'll start having our first games. My baseball skills haven't really increased with age, but in Norway I'm playing the top league! This is probably a ridiculous occurance to finally start my baseball career at 40, but I'm not complaining.

25 February 2020 - 7 km

I kinda feel depressed by work stress and running this morning was a good way to work that down some. I probably should have gone running last night, but I opted to tidy up the house some and then read in the bath for some hours. I chose to read Banarjee and Deflo though, which just added anger to my already negative state. That negativity carried through to my run this AM, but I sweated a good bit of it off I think.

17 February 2020 - 4 km

Storm Dennis was making the winds blow hard in the pouring rain, but I still tried to go out and run. It was a bad idea. I turned back before even reaching the Tennebekktjørna even though I'd planned on doing a long run around the mountain. Best laid plans...

16 February 2020 - 7 km

To hit my goal this week I needed to run today, but I didn't feel like going back up into the Tennebekktjørna as I do so so many days. The sun was shining beautifully so I headed down toward the waters of Salmon Bay. That's was Laksevåg translates to after all, Salmon Bay. Probably makes sense if you've ever ordered laks on your bagel, but did you know the second part is the first half of my last name? Before leaving Norway my family was Vaagsland rather than Wogsland and in the modern orthography of Norway that double a gets squished to an å. I discovered a park down there at Lyreneset that so inspired me I wrote a poem before heading home. And I met my week 7 goal on the way to Cyprus only 4 weeks from today!

15 February 2020 - 12 km

Today I took a shorter than usual path around Damsgårdfjellet on trails and side roads, although I was thankful the mall at Oasen was open for a pitstop midrun! Sometimes it is strange to discover how closely things connect when one runs through the woods to get there rather than on roads. Although most of my run this morning was on roads. Afterwards I enjoy leftover homemade dolmathes from last night. It is so enjoyable to take the time cooking sometimes!

13 February 2020 - 7 km

Today I just did the normal run up and around the Tennebekktjørna and coming back via the Liavatnet. There was beautiful snø everywhere I went, although it was slush in my shoes on the road. Yesterday at baseball practice we did fielding again, and I have the bruises to show it. They didn't bother me too much out running though.

10 February 2020 - 5 km

Today was a hard run and I ran it slowly in to town. I didn't really feel warmed up until I was there and then I didn't really have more time to waste. I had to run some errands and get back home to work!

8 February 2020 - vinter10

7 February 2020 - 11 km

Ran into the city today to pick up my race big for tomorrow's 10K. Should be fun even if the kids aren't joining me. I signed Maxwell and Zara both up for the 5K, but Maxwell said no and Zara is ignoring me. Such is the the life of the single parent with teenagers I suppose. I took the bus back because I was feeling lazy.

4 February 2020 - 10 km

Today was a beautiful sunshiny day I spent in the mountains.

2 February 2020 - 5 km

So my goal for this week was apparently 21, not 20, so I guess I just missed it. Took a nice, easy run down to this water this morning to start off my day. A beautiful Sunday with a dusting of snow...

26 January 2020

Today was a yoga day and I got some Instagram pics of a new pose I wanted to try, the Tiger Pose (Vyaghrasana).

25 January 2020 - 5 km

23 January 2020

This year I want to continue to push myself toward improvement, but I'm not sure I can afford to have big hairy goals like last year. I've actually had a hard time restarting a training program after the holidays. I ran a training half marathon a few weekends back and saw friends there, but I don't necessarily have a training friend yet here. I have lots of acquantances.

But I've also joined the local baseball team, the Wet Sox. We play in the highest league in Norway and I'm one of the most experienced players on the team. What a strange reversal from childhood!

So my basic play for the year it to ramp up to running 50 km a week, which seems to be a healthy number for me. That's like one long run and 3-4 regular runs per week. We'll see if I can get there. I need some easily achievable short term goals to modivate me I think. I'm going to remain open to altering this schedule if I come across a race I need to amp for and then taper.

On the yoga side of things I am starting off the year doing solitary yoga 1-2 times per week, but I'd like to find a group to challenge me. Maybe that's online?

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