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May 2009

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29 May 2009 - New Spring Pool

28 May 2009

Tonight Cara took Alora & Brittan up to Omaha to see Wicked so I got an evening with just Maxwell & Zara. We got Happymeals and took Molly & Zinners to the dogpark. There we discovered that, since his dogbite, Maxwell has become terrified of large dogs - like shaking and screaming because that St. Bernard 20 feet away looked at him scared. So we left the dogpark early and headed home to watch a movie with our puppies instead.

26 May 2009

This past week we took a short roadtrip. On the way we took pictures.

21 May 2009 - Best day ever?

Alora & Brittan scored awesome on their SATs.
Nalts quits his day job.

20 May 2009

This evening A & B finished their Girls on the Run season with a 5K. These events are almost sickening celebrations of mediocrity. Everyone's bib number is 1. Everyone gets a medal. Time and distance are less than precisely calculated. Yuck! Alora finished in 35:45 and Brittan in 40:05 - they're encouraged to slow down to the pace of the other girls so they can run together.

19 May 2009

Yes, I know I have been remiss in blogging as of late. Between a trip to Chicago, a new puppy, and Maxwell's many injuries this past week has been a busy one. Tonight with his head healing he got bit on the leg by one of the neighbor's dogs. Microblogging on twitter seems to be sapping my output energy the way YouTube once did as well.

16 May 2009 - Cystic Fibrosis Walk

I'm not really the only guy at work - I swear!

15 May 2009

Chicago is a natural city. Walking over the site of the original Fort Dearborn where the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan drives that home.

14 May 2009 - Goose Island

13 May 2009

This week I'm in Chicago for some work training. Fun stuph. I am a little creeped out by John and Yoko staring at me while I pee - we're staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and there's pictures of rock stars everywhere. Coincidentally, Joe who works in our Schaumburg office recommended Rockit for dinner, so we tried it out tonight - great burgers. Saw some of the "Magnificent Mile" in the evening (do they really need a Victoria's Secret on every block?) Highlights for me were the Lego store and Ghiradelli. Then Sue, Bethanie and I spent the evening discussing work politics at Oenology, which has some very nice selections by the glass. (I later learned that this was due to us coming in just after the Wine Spectator Grand Tour preparty.)

9 May 2009


6 May 2009 - Jardin Ak-Sar-Ben

This year our garden is much smaller, and in pots. This reflects the uncertainty of our tentative plans to move this summer. The market is right, the financials appear good, but neither of us has much to do at work these days. That being said, I've always abhorred throwing money down the rent toilet. But back to the garden . . . we've got a basil plant and a rosemary plant. I've been making cheeseburgers alot lately, and when the plant gets a little bigger I fully intend to use the leaves in my famous swiss cheese, basil and marinara burgers. Mmmmm...

Tonight Cara and I are sitting with dueling laptops, nerds that we are, at the dining room table drinking an excellent Mt. Vernon Petite Sirah from the breast cancer winery in Auburn. Is this from Virginia? asks Cara. Nope, Sierra Foothills we picked up on a trip to Dell's. That is probably the only drawback of life here in Nebraska: no close family to visit within a thousand miles. =(

Cara got me a biography of Warren Buffett for Christmas that I started reading a few days ago - always fun to read local history! I think I'm more of a Charlie Munger though, lots of kids much earlier and much less risk adverse.

4 May 2009 - Hamilton's Curse

Often when writing polemic one can get sucked into a worldview that sees all in terms of a particular thesis. Thomas DiLorenzo has fallen headlong into this trap with his latest book, Hamilton's Curse. Yes, Hamilton advocated the time-tested European model of imperial government practiced quite effectively by the English in opposition to the limited and checked government of the American Articles of Confederation and later Constitution, however, many of his ideas in this regard were neither novel nor enacted within his lifetime. DiLorenzo seems to see all of American history through a Hamiltonian/Jeffersonian lens, vilifying the former while nearly deifying the latter.

Read more on my book review blog ...

3 May 2009

This weekend we finally got some sand for the sandbox. Maxwell and Zara have done little else since, and they've been nice enough to share it with us all. There's sand in the bathroom, sand in the kitchen, sand in the laundry room, sand on the couch, etc.

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