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July 2009

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29 July 2009 - Maxwell turns 6!!!!!

Zinny is one half Labrador. This means she has a taste for fresh baked goods. As she has recently attained a height able to reach the counter, this presents a problem - especially for cake. For Zara's birthday we merely lost a cupcake. Today we lost one of two layers for Maxwell's yellow cake! While this was initially somewhat tragic for him, when mom pointed out that this meant there would be extra frosting to eat such sadness subsided.

15 July 2009

The gathering dark is always most evident in the morning when I getup and see the sun's place further down on the horizon. At summer's peak this latitude gets ~16 hours of sunlight per day. At winter's ebb we get only 9 and a half hours. That means that we loose just over 2 minutes a day or about 15 minutes per week. Compare that to Atlanta were the variation is only 4.5 hours so only 1.5 min/day or 10 min/week are lost and you will understand why I perceive the change so acutely - it comes 50% faster here!

7 July 2009

4 July 2009

Power vs. Hypothetical Top Runner

This morning I ran yet another 5K - 31 minutes and 15 seconds. My progress has somewhat stagnated and I'm in the rising part of the sinusoidal curve in my weight so I was looking for some motivation. So I decided to compare myself to a top runner - someone who weighs 160 lbs and averages a 3 minute kilometer. The first term in the frictional force of running is linear in mass and the coefficient should be about the same (assuming a negligible velocity dependence), ergo the ratio of my power output to that of a hypothetical runner is dependent only on our masses and race times. I also left out the Brasstown Bald race as there is another sizable term because of the change in potential energy on a noncircuit course. Contrived as this may seem, the clear upward trend in power output corrects for the vagaries of weight gain and loss and shows physical improvement over the course of my running career - something to smile about =)


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