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October 2009

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24 October 2009

Well, the sick has finally made it's way through the house to me. I've been twitpicking alot from the new iPhone as those who follow me on twitter or facebook know. (The two accounts are linked, so the same things appear in both places.) Since I know some of my blog readers eschew these new fangled social media tools I'm going to repost some of the better pictures below:

17 October 2009

This past week the kids have been sick. Zara brought it home from school and shared with all of them except Brittan. Maxwell especially liked his "sick voice" . . .

10 October 2009 - SNOW DAY!!!


Today we got our first couple inches of snow for the year. This is quite a bit earlier than last year, when our first good snow didn't come until November 30th. Alora & Brittan were up at 6AM to give us the joyous news and get dressed to go play. Cara and I were up at 6:30 to start getting ready for our 5K at 7:30 down on the Roca Berry Farm. We've been doing more training since the last race so we were pretty pumped, but conditions on the cross country course were quite snowy. I ran pretty hard the first half of the race an managed to stay in 3rd place (among boys) for quite some time and eventually finished 4th. We won't talk about how low the turnout was in the snowy weather...

Alora & Brittan were outside for basically the whole morning, joined at various times by Maxwell, Zara and Zinny. The snow makes Zinny get a little nutters. They went sledding, threw snowballs, and taught their younger siblings some of the interesting physical and chemical properties of water near its melting point. In the afternoon we all relaxed by the warm fire.

4 October 2009

This weekend I finally acquiesced and joined the 21st century, that is, I got a cell phone. For many years I have railed against this electronic leash, but I finally have to admit the pluses outweigh the minuses. That is, if you get an iPhone. Rather than carry around my laptop, digital camera, GPS and accelerometer, I can now just carry the iPhone. Okay, I admit that I don't usually carry around an accelerometer and infrequently use the GPS in Cara's car. Still, the 3G network means I don't need to find a WiFi signal for internet anymore, unless I'm uploading a YouTube video. Still, it doesn't have everything. There is no flash for indoor photos and it is an Apple product. As I discovered at Barcamp Omaha yesterday, if I want to develop any apps for the iPhone I next to buy a Mac computer, pay a $100/yr fee to access the developers kit and get them approved for the Apple store, where Steve Jobs takes his 1/3 cut of all sales. These are all BIG minuses but hopefully their feud with Google over the Google Voice app, which has spilled over into the courts, will force them to remedy some of these ails.

Today I took the girls out to the driving range:

... while Maxwell made puppets for his show:

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