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December 2009

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30 December 2009

Yesterday sickness in the form of a stomach bug finally descended on the house of revellers here in Johns Creek. Surprisingly, so far the children have avoided it. It's been too hectic here to post much, but I've got some great baby pics and videos from the talent show which'll be up in the new year.

23 December 2009

My iPhone died on a walk in the woods with the kiddoes a couple days ago. Fortunately the thing is still under warranty.

20 December 2009

Today we managed to orchestrate a lovely family event: the Brasstown Bald Buster! Not even an inch of snow precluded doing the actual course us the road, so the course was converted to 2 miles of trail running. Amir finished just under 20 minutes. I wasn't far behind at 23:13. Jaime and dad came in over 30 minutes. All were proud of their time, but the least bragaddagio, my recently pregnant sister, was the most amazing.

After the race we headed to Helen, GA for some beer-drinking and shopping (you can guess who did what). Quite a fun day indeed!

19 December 2009

Today dad and I prepared our first batch of beer. It's going to be an ale we hope, and it took us all afternoon to make. We also made rootbeer with Maxwell and Zara. They were very excited to write their names on the labels and will know if their endeavor was a success much sooner. Alora, Brittan, Jaime and my mom all spent the afternoon making angel ornaments for the tree. Tomorrow we'll all be racing up Brasstown Bald...
Brewmaster Jim

18 December 2009 (wee hours)

Yesterday we started vacation in the early AM hours heading off toward Indiana. Tonight we sleep at the Shepherd's after admiring their new baby Liam. He is a cutie!!!!

I have been rather remiss on my blogs as of late due to my intense participation in the microblogging of twitter, but for the rest of this month I'll commit to doing it - blogging that is. Every day if possible! We've submitted the Christmas shirt design for 2009, so hopefully we'll seen the final version soon. Tomorrow we'll make the drive to John's Creek - hopefully forgetting nothing.

7 December 2009

This past night we got another great snow. 3-4 inches meant I could finally try out Zinny as a sled dog - something I've been wanting to do for over two decades now. We hitched up Zara's sled to her leash and I took off running down the street with Zinny not far behind. It was great . . . until we crossed over H street that is. Poor Zara discovered what happens when her sled hits the curb at high velocity unfortunately. After flying through the air into a snowdrift, she sat out for a bit before trying the ride again. Maxwell's friend Ian had the most fun I think - because after pulling him up and down the street Zinny was too tired to pull the sled at anything more than a slow trot. Supposedly we're getting more snow Tuesday though, so there's chance for a round two!

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