May 12th

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12 May 2013

Today is Mother's Day and Cara is, as usual, distributing her video card that she made a number of years back with Zara. Zara is still that much in her face on Mother's Day by the way. Only now Zara has a panoply of cards, art, crafts and other gifts she made for Cara at school. I am somewhat jealous, since Father's Day is now a forgotten holiday because the school year is over before it occurs, but at the same time somewhat relieved that I do not have a pile of artwork which I have to find a place to put.

Yesterday I ran in the Tap 'n Run 4K, which was more akin to a pub crawl than previous beer races I have done. Precious few of us actually ran from beer station to beer station. Silliness abounded though, which led to a great deal of fun. When I signed up, there was the option to choose a bib name which could be different from my real name. I chose Richard Feynman because the 11th would have been his birthday, but I think the reference was lost on everyone. I picked far too esoteric of a reference for the audience. My costume was, I thought, less esoteric. I dressed as Captain Picard, complete with a shiny bald head. Bald, that is, except for the places where I cut it shaving it for the first time. It did shine though! And this cultural reference was at least recognizable to a wider swath of Nashvillians. I was greeted with "Move it Kirk", "Live Love and Prosper", and "Hey, look - it's Spock!" There must not be a large overlap between pubcrawlers and Trekkies, but apparently there are at least enough of the latter here to justify an annual Star Trek Convention. So the next race I signed up for is more serious: 10K instead of 4 and Jackalope at the end instead of Bud Lite.

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