Bowie Park 6 Miler

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20 July 2014

It was weird going back to Fairview for the Bowie Park 6 Miler this morning with Brittan, now that we have moved away. Doing that half an hour drive again made me ever so glad that we did move! Bowie Park is one of my favorite places to trail run. It was about 2.2 miles away from our house when we lived there and I used to run up to the park, do the 4.5 Perimeter Loop and then run back. Brittan and Maxwell even ran it once with me (okay, there was a lot of walking, too) to train for this race. It was a good workout, but generally I run my training runs at a slower pace than my race pace. So today I found myself falling into my normal Bowie Park pace rather than my race pace. I thought I was having a good run, but I ended up finishing in 1:08:54 on a slightly slower pace than in the 10 miler I did last month. Brittan, on the other hand, exceeded her goal of finishing in 2 hours by a wide margin, coming in at 1:34:44.

The other reason for coming to Fairview was to get the last items out of the storage unit. Brittan tried to help, but she was not really up to it after the race so I filled up the back of the van myself for this trip. Then Cara & I had to get back to get the last few things. We now have all of our things in our house, a state in which we have not found ourselves in the past six months!

Batman, my running companion


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