Why Run?

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10 November 2015

Why run? This blog intends to provide a particular, although certainly not definitive, answer to that question. Running is the calm harbor my racing mind can retreat to. Running is a lifetime sport. I see guys in their 80's nearly every decent sized race I do. I can run anywhere. I can run while camping. I can run on a business trip. I can run at the beach. I can run in my neighborhood. I can run at the park. I can run to the park. I can run to lunch. I've hurt my ankle, knee and toes (doing things other than running), and running has helped make them whole as walking never could. When I run my gait forces good form, whereas walking I can screw it up. Moving slowly I can limp, or not put weight on one side. This a running gait does not permit. Running clears my mind and forces introspection. I don't have my phone. I don't have my computer. I don't have a book to read or chores I could be doing. There is only myself. Currero ergo sum. I run, therefore I am.

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