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26 November 2015

Today we ran the Turkey Trot in Frederick, MD for a third time. Well, it was the 3rd time for me and Maxwell but only the second for the girls. Every year Maxwell has gotten a little closer to beating me. This year Maxwell thought he might beat me, so he started way up near the front. Little did he realize that this would be his undoing. I started back with the girls, who knew they would probably walk part of the way. Maxwell was still a few hundred yards ahead of me after the first mile when I caught a glimpse of him. Slowly I inched up behind him, until partway into the third mile I was right behind him. Then he saw me and upped his pace to pull ahead. But then he slowed back down and I gained ground again as we approached the finish line. I thought it would be fun to let him cross first so I didn't sprint, but hung close enough behind him that the chips would tell a different tale. At 26:44 and 26:51 we crossed, but the margin was reversed in the final times: I was at 26:31 and Maxwell was at 26:38. This will no doubt lead to much playful banter as each of us claim victory.

The girls started to come in about 15 minutes later. Zara started the race strong, running with for a little while before dropping back. She came in first among the females at 42:34! Alora & Brittan walked and ran together for most of the race. For the final sprint Alora saw she had a chance to catch mom and they raced hard to the finish, with Alora edging her out at 43:39. Sadly Cara's chip time wasn't recorded for some reason. Brittan, who is recovering from a cold, brought up the rear with 44:08.

Overall it was a fun morning and we celebrated with Slurpees. Sadly there were no Star Wars cups, so we can't add them to our collection of ones from Revenge of the Sith.

Then it was time for turkey with the fam...

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