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6 December 2015

So, I'm a little crazy about running. After yesterday's 12K I decided to start preparing for another marathon. I know. I ended up skipping the first one because of two broken toes. I have decided to remove barriers to attendence this time by chosing a local one in the Springtime. Historically I am less likely to injure myself during the Winter, and doing a local race means I don't have to worry about travel. So I have set up another training schedule and Cara has said she will start running with me again. We'll see how it goes.

For our race last month I bought Brittan her first pair of running shoes - not just sneakers, but actual shoes designed specifically for running. She now is excited about running and even posted in the #running channel of our family Slack this morning that she wanted to run with me over her break. Super exciting!

Also this morning I collected together all my blogs about running. There were actually only a dozen or so, which kind of surprised me. I'd thought I done more writing about running. It's really just been in the last year or so though.

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