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15 January 2020

Writing software is often a solitary profession where only a few other people we work with see our work. Sure, software runs the world, but how much of mine have you seen lately? Well, you're going to being seeing a lot more as my team has started releasing the reuseable parts of our code in Python libraries.

This month we've released two:

A Python client for the Dynata Cmix API
A Python client for the Dynata Demand API

One of these is for building surveys and the other is for buying sample (survey takers) to feed into surveys. These are two Dynata products my team at PopResearch use, and since they have open APIs we decided to open source the libraries we've written to interact with them. If this leads to higher adoption of these products by third parties then it'll be a win. But it's already a win for the team, who get to showcase their work for the world to see on Github.

Actually the process for releasing an open source library is so easy I can't believe I hanven't tried it earlier. There's an excellent tutorial available if you're interested. It's basically setting up a configuration file and then running a couple scripts to package your code and ship it off to PyPI. Reminds me happily of packaging things up for Composer back in my PHP days. Pip is only like 10 years older than Composer, but my knowlege of things on this are reversed. I packaged my first python library to release only today.

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