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22 February 2020

Today I finished reading Ben Moon's heartfelt tale of his relationship with his dog Denali. It made me miss Zinny and realize what a help she would have been as I went through my own divorce, but also what a consoling presence she has been to my dad as he recovers from cancer. I still have a hard time with the fact that my parents decided to keep her though after they helped watch her for a year. Ben Moon went through both divorce and cancer with Denali and the dog's friendship was a constant in his life that kept him going. I long for the dirtbag life, as Ben calls it, living out of a van with only a dog for a companion. Squeezing life down to it's most important roots! I tend to acquire things and often can't see past difficult choices that need to be made. Choices that can sometimes be singularity beyond whose event horizon I cannot see. Ben is also introspective in the book above his own falings.

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