Visiting a Norwegian Doctor to Try to Get a Physical

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7 February 2020

Today I went to the doctor. There is a nice website where I can sign up in advance to get one of the 20 minute slots during the day and specify what is wrong with me. Well doctor's visits are discouraged. When I explained to the doctor today that I was from America and trying to get a physical, she scoffed and said "we don't go looking for problems." Nevertheless when I explained my family history of heart problems and attempted to show her data on my own history of high cholosterol she relented, even though the mg/dL units of my American tests weren't easily convertible to mmol/L units used here in Norway. Other standard American tests for a 40 year old to get were less easy to convince her of, but I can be pretty persuasive.

So I got my blood pressure taken and my blood drawn. Don't know how much I weigh though. The test results will be available Monday - not online though. They mail them to me and she'll call to follow up if any of the numbers are high. Leaving the doctor's office, I paid my bill which is around $30 each time I visit. This part I really like. There is no mysterious drip of bills after departing like there is in the US for the doctor, the lab work, etc. Price transparency makes the decision really easy in spite of my general distrust of the profession after having taught so many pre-med students over the years.

Lest one gets the wrong impression that things are cheap in Norway though . . .

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