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10 March 2020

Nature recently did a look at SciPy which was fairly interesting for somehow like me who's been involved on the periphery of the project for a number of years as a reviewer for the annual SciPy Conference. I actually don't remember how I initially got involved, but it roughly coincides with when I started getting involved in the Python ecosystem. It's an incredibly useful ecosystem - and open source unlike the Mathematica and Matlab experiences I had in college. Once that computer died I lost access to my student licenses to those products and so just stopped using them. I wonder how much today's students will benefit from being able to use their work decades later. I guess that's assuming that Python doesn't go away for some reason or get locked into a proprietary two-tiered hell like Java. What surprised me reading the aforementioned Nature article was SciPy's continued reliance on Fortran libraries! The last time I used Fortran was in a detector modeling class in grad school where we used GEANT, and I promised myself never again. But I haven't encountered it with SciPy yet, so I guess I'm probably safe there.

You can try SciPy for yourself by cloning their Github repo or installing it via pip, and read more about the project on their website.

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