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19 May 2020

Led Zeppelin is band that has always existed in my life. My dad was a big fan and passed that on to me in the records that he played and the radio stations he listened to. Not long after I was born their drummer, Bonzo, died and the rest of the band split up though, so they were always past tense. The things the three remaining band members created by themselves were never as good. So, when I saw The Hammer of the Gods book in the phonebooth library not long ago, I picked it up and started reading it. The first part was, of course, the origin story of the band from the Yardbirds and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Then, however, it descended into the tawdry details of their debauchery during Led Zeppelin's tours and how it destroyed the lives of the band members, eventually leading to the death of one of them. It's a cautionary tale, sure, but not one someone who's never going to be a rock star really needs. It's not even enjoyable schadenfreude. As such I can't really recommend this book.

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