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29 June 2020

Borgund in October of 2019

The University of Bergen is currently working on an interesting project with artifacts from the Borgund Kaupang site near Ålesund, where they are reanalyzing their existing stock of items which date back decades rather than doing more digging. I first visited the Borgund site last Fall while on a trip to the Sunnmøre museum just outside the city. There's not much to see there other than buildings' foundations, but the museum houses a number of other buildings of various ages brought there from around the region as well as a collection of ships dating back to the viking era. The kaupang at Borgund was basically a marketplace halfway down the Norwegian coast, which made it something of a hub and allowed for some interesting finds that elucidated an earlier Norwegian society. Here is Gitte Hansen of the project describing it:

I first learned of the project via the Northern Women Arts Collaborative which is an interesting blog touching on both archaeology as well as cultural preservation. It's definitely worth checking out for the content although it's a bit of a challenge to navigate. I also created an album of pictures from my trip to Ålesund last October when I visited the site as well as a number of other museums they had there. There are also, of course, shots from around town from the runs I took while I was there.

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