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19 July 2020

What can I say about Picasso? I seem to remember him once saying that "good artists create, but great artists steal". Currently Kode 2 in Bergen is exhibiting 347 pieces Picasso created in 200 days in 1968 (March 16th - October 5th). I bought the book, so I can copy some of his doodles. The works in the exhibit are numbered and dated, so you can follow his process creating, reworking, redrawing, altering, etc. The majority of the works focus on a man painting a naked woman. She is often on a bed. Many of the doodles include a madam watching over the scene and/or another man behind a curtain. Is the man him and the woman a prostitute? You can feel the tension of the artist over the months starting in March, always inspecting, never perfecting. That is, until September, when the madam disappears and the artist is penetrating rather than painting.

Aside from this theme that was obviously top of mind in Picasso's repetetive work, there are jaunts into other places: sword fights, satyrs, dogs, owls, chickens and troll men. There was, however, one piece where the man and woman stood together naked on equal footing.

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