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5 July 2020

Where is the only place in Bergen I can sit down, have a coffee, and get some work done at 7 AM on a Sunday morning? Godt Brød. Founded in 1995 in Bergen, Godt Brød coffee shops are now found across Norway. They started off just baking bread though, and they still do that in spades. When sitting in the coffee shop on my laptop I often see customer after customer coming in just for some loaves. And among Bergen coffee shops they are the only one with free coffee refills, a real plus for someone like me who sits there for hour after hour. Godt Brød stayed open throughout the dark days of Covid-19, giving me a place to go work and get a little bit of that human social interaction that's so necessary for survival.

So when writing this blog this morning I discovered they didn't have an English Wikipedia page what did I do? I created one!

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