General Notes: They had plenty of dry food and water when I arrived. During the
evening I saw 4/5 cats.

Alice - she was in her room hiding in the storage area most of the evening. She
did not eat the chunks of yummy food I put in there with her crushed half pill.
Reading the kattevakt instructions now I realize the error here. Tomorrow I will
just give her the juices.
Aladdin - he is my new friend. He greeted me on the front porch when I arrived
this evening and gladly took his spoonful of special food. After that I picked
him up and held him a little while he purred for me.
Sisu - she was in the house when I arrived and followed me around until she got
her special spoonful. After this I petted her, which was okay, but when I tried
to pick her up she growled and arched her back. So I let her be and she
followed me around a bit more before I guess getting bored.
Olivia - she showed up late in the evening to get her special spoonful of food.
She accepted it, but dogded my attempt to pet her afterward.

Morning notes:
Alice spiste biter i natten.

Evening notes:
Sisu had opened the door while I was in town and was sleeping on the bed. Seeing
me she leapt down to show me the empty bowl. Once I refilled it she dug in
Yelena came in and was very talkative right after I got home. It took me a
little while to figure out what she was complaining about: Olivia.
Olivia also came when I arrived and sat on the front porch guarding the cat door
from the outside. I wondered if this is a game she plays with the other cats. I
eventually realized that Yelena was the victim of Olivia's game, and opened the
door so Yelena could get out around her. Olivia still tried to attack.
Alice stayed hiding in her storage closet, even after I'd opened her bedroom
door. I did see her backside briefly running away when I brought her the juice
and medicine in the evening.

Aladdin does not believe my hands should be on my laptop when they could be
petting him. All wet from he started walking across it on the counter. I took it
away to dry and saw his head squished down into my glass of milk. Sneaky guy!

Morning notes:
They had emptied their food bowl again! So I refilled it. Alice was still
hiding in the storage area.

Evening notes:
Sisu was the first cat I saw for the evening. She came in and went into Alice's
room to eat because I had left her door open in the hope that I might see Alice.
Seeing me, Sisu headed for the kitchen and let me pet her as she ate her special

Out on the back deck I discovered Aladdin and Olivia laying on cushions enjoying
the sunshine. Aladdin yawned at me, but Olivia jumped down and darted off into
the bushes.
With Olivia out back I guess Yelena knew it was safe to come in, so she found me
and made her baby complaining noises until she received her special spoonful as
Having not seen Alice today I went searching in the storage area and found her.
Not sure why she doesn't want to come out, but she seems to be doing okay.
Morning notes:
Refilled food bowl even though it wasn't completely empty yet. Alice didn't
touch her medicated sauce in the evening or in the night.

Evening notes:
Checked Alice was doing okay in the storage area when I gave her her medicated
juice. She still seemed a bit skiddish.

Sisu was happy I was there and ready for her special spoonful. Again she let me
pet her some and I stayed away from her hindquarters.

Morning notes:
Refilled food bowl.

Evening notes:
Alice was relaxing on the bed when I went in her room this evening, but ran to
the storage area when she saw me. I closed her in there for a bit while I aired
out her room and scooped the litter.

Sisu came by while I was taking out the trash.

Aladdin was glad to see me and get his special spoonful. I held him for a little
while and gave him some love. Then he had to go clean himself off. Icky human!

I also saw Olivia wandering around the driveway as I was typing this.

And someone threw up on the rug:

Morning notes:
Refilled both food bowls. Aladdin happily sauntered in to see me and have some,
although the bowl had not been empty.

Yelena was snuggling with tigers, but after I petted her a bit she decided to
follow me around purring and talking.
Pål came and took over the kattevakt before the evening. Fortunately Alice
decided a familiar face meant it was okay to come out. I think it's probably the
beard that scares small children and animals if they're not familiar with a man
having one.