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4 December 2006

Superman Returns (2006) - There are probably worse movies, but I haven't seen them. Basically just a poorly done rehash of the 1st Christopher Reeve movie, lines included. The only redeeming moment of the movie was when it looked like Superman might die - but he didn't, revealing the scene for the crappy kitsch it actually was. There's two hours of my life I will never get back.

4 December 2006

Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo (2004) - This is the first unabashedly patriotic Indian war movie I have seen, and it would be a solid B if made in Hollywood. I mean that as a compliment. While the the special effects were somewhat mixed and the action scenes were reminiscent of A-Team reruns, the plot was well written with all the twists one expects in a modern flick. For some reason they still felt the need to have a love triangle like in all Bollywood movies. Fortunately this was only a small part of the plot, adding a personal link to the soldiers on the battlefield. Still, it's definitely worth seeing.

23 Nov 2006

Casino Royale (2006) - James Bond movies are always fun, and this one was no exception. Casino Royale is set as a prequel, but in 2006 with Judi Dench still playing M. The filming style took a page from the Bourne movies, but other than that is was pure Bond. This movie will be enjoyed with anyone who likes a fast-paced action movie with chase scenes and shoot-em-ups.

20 Nov 2006

Happy Feet (2006) - Diguised as a lovable kids cartoon, this movie is pure environmentalist propaganda. The message: people to need to stop fishing near Antarctica so that the penguins can live, and the UN is the best place to get such prohibitions made into law. Not surprisingly, the California audience with which I saw it gave resounding applause to the movie's conclusion. I can only express disappointment that such a blatently propagandic film would be made in the first place. Not since Fern Gully have children been exposed to such a political message. Nevertheless, Robin Williams does make a very funny Mexican penguin.

17 Nov 2006

Little Women (1994) - Being married and having little girls is like a double whammy when it comes to movie watching. If you can stomach it, this movie will make the little girls in your life happy to watch. I suppose it is roughly the equivalent of making the girls watch The Patriot though.

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