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20 June 2015

Personal Records (Running):
5K25:47.5Tomato 5KNashville, TN8/9/2014
10K59:19Carneros 10KSonoma, CA7/16/2006
10 Mile1:49:53RC Cola & Moon Pie 10 MilerBell Buckle, TN6/20/2015
Half Marathon2:32:15Country Music Half MarathonNashville, TN4/26/2014

Today was my second time entering in a 10 mile race, the same one at the RC Cola & Moon Pie Festival that I did last year. I am happy to say that my time improved by several minutes. This is good, hard data that my marathon training is paying off. Afterward we went to the festival, but I was pretty tired because I stayed up partying the night before. We had a bunch of people over from my work and Cara's work which was a lot of fun. I also got a little sunburnt.

Initially I thought I would present this data as a graph, but then I realized it would not be a very interesting one. My first 10K is still my best 10K. Same with the half marathon, but I've only run one. Even the 5K line would be boring because I lowered my PR for my first few races in 2006, getting down to just over 26 minutes by that summer. There it remained for the next 8 years until I bested it last summer.

Oh, and there is another caveat. If you look at the splits from my half marathon, my 10M time was better still. Seems like I shouldn't count it though, since it's just a split.

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