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31 October 2015

Today I ran my second half marathon, which was kind of like my consolation prize for being unable to do my marathon last month. Stupid broken toes. They didn't really bother me today and I was able to run the whole race, finishing in 2:08:54. This was more than 20 minutes faster than my first attempt.

While I ran, Zara played her soccer game nearby. Apparently they creamed the other team and Zara has gotten over the timidity about being hit by the ball. They didn't make it back in time to see me finish though, because Zara's game started late and I did significantly better than expected.

Whereas last time I was running the streets of downtown Nashville, today I ran the trails of Brentwood. The first time I ran them was the Autism 5K soon after moving back to Tennessee. Since moving here across town I have spent a lot of time training on them. Generally I'm out there a few times a month and quite a bit more often during Zara's soccer season. While she practices I go for a 5-6 mile run or take Zinners on a stroll and let her play in the river. The trails follow the Harpeth for quite a ways around Crockett Park. A few weeks back Cara & I did the full loop on rollerblades, a longer journey than I took today. Unfortunately Cara fell and bruised her patella that day. It didn't seem serious at the time, but it's been quite sensative these past few weeks.


In other news I am now working at GiveToken where I am continuing my growth in the software world and building some cool tools for recuiters to better engage their prospects. Having been on the receiving end of many a recruiter outreach, I can tell you a lot of them need help in this area.


Oh, and today is the last day of the October Game, a marathon itself of sorts. I didn't manage to paint every day, but I did make some good things among the dross. Cara even decided she liked one piece enough to hang it up in the kitchen. And so, without further ado, here is my final entry:

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