Ultra Training 2019

This year I'm going to take my training to the next level with the goal of completing the Half Marathon des Sables in September. Along the way I'm going to run a least a couple smaller ultras in Italy and Utah.

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Training Schedule

Week Kilometers Planned Kilometers Ran
16 - 44
17 45 22 Thon Run 5K
18 45 45
19 49 29
20 51 23
21 27 10
22 56 51 Chianti Classico Trail Ultra
23 35 15
24 51 11
25 59
26 65 19
27 68 33
28 78 32
29 86 37
30 91 31
31 97 23
32 103 46
33 113 7
34 113 75 Utah 50K
35 124
36 124
37 84
38 21
39 120 Half Marathon des Sables

27 August 2019

Sitting on a plane probably isn't the best training, but it's what I've got today. My 40th birthday saw me do my first 50K and then I ran down to the Googleplex in California the next day. It's a real place. It's messy. Just like the rest of life I guess. The Facebook campus was much more produced. And larger. I guess all of Facebook is there though, which is why the campus is growing like crazy. The 50K will be my big race of the year. I'm not running the Half Marathon des Sables.

14 July 2019 Stone Mountain - 12 km

Today I fell. And not just a little fell, but an all scraped up and bruised fell. The kind that kills old people. I'm not quite one of those yet, but it certainly seems to be closing in. Sarah Lavender Smith is getting old. Today Grandma and I went to Stone Mountain. I ran around and climbed it while Grandma enjoyed the scenery and then the two of us rode the train around the mountain together. She's going to be 93 this year and is still going strong desite her inability to drive and the hit to her freedom from that restriction. I am so lucky to live nearly without restrictions.

1 July 2019 13 km

One last run up Rundemanen before heading to the US for the summer. Mostly been biking with Maxwell the past few weeks. Even got a 50K up to Åsane and back in. And packing up the house to move. I'm homeless again and loving it!

2 June 2019 Chianti Classico Ultra Trail (45.6 km)

Pictures from the race

10 May 2019 15 km bikeride

Maxwell & I took a nice sunset bikeride down to Grimstad. I heard my back this week, so I haven't run too much. Tonight was really nice and Maxwell and I had some good conversation about girls and dating and such.

8 May 2019 7 km fjelltur

Pics of Sotra

6 May 2019 - 10K

Just a simple run roday up to the Fantoft Stavkirke and back. It's longer than my usual 7K route, but the hills are much less intense. I don't necessarily need a lot of hill training to prepare for Italy, although last week for my long run I ran up Ulriken and over Vidden. Today I just wanted to enjoy the old church in the forest. The smell of European Spring in the forest is intoxicating.

27 April 2019 Thon Run 5K

Well, today brought me another PR and this one was a marked performance. 21:54 is over two and a half minutes faster than my prior PR and almost as much faster than my best 5K split. It was a spectacular day as I got to run with Maxwell and Zara as well.

Racer Time
Bradley 21:54
Maxwell 30:53
Zara 37:46

23 April 2019 7 km run & a fjelltur

I ran a half marathon around Bergen this past weekend and it was no trouble. Actually I just racked up 44 km of running last week organically. I've been eying the Half Marathon des Sables for some time now. I think it's worth going for. Today I started off with my usual 7K up Løvstien and then Camilla and I did a roughly 8K fjelltur. Tonight I'm going to kayak out to an island to camp out. I've got the kayak packed, but my ass still hurts from my trip last week when I slipped and fell into the water on a rock. Tonight I'm going to land on a beach. We'll see how I sleep without blackout curtains. We've reached the part of the year where there is no night, only twilight in Bergen until my birthday. But it looks like I'll be in Utah then.

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