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Personal Records:

Distance Time Race Location Date Number Run
5K 21:33 Loddefjordløpet Godvik, Hordaland, Norge 9/22/2019 lots
5 Mile 42:47 Race on the Trace 5 Miles Wildersville, TN 2/11/2017 6
10K 49:23* Winterrun Bergen 10K Bergen, Norge 2/9/2019 14
15K 1:27:29** Fall Creek Thaw 15K Spencer, TN 3/4/2017 3
10 Mile 1:49:53*** RC Cola & Moon Pie 10 Miler Bell Buckle, TN 6/20/2015 2
Half Marathon 1:46:20 Berliner Halbmarathon Berlin, Deutschland 4/7/2019 8
25K 3:11:45 Swamp Stomper 25K Millington, TN 1/15/2017 1
Marathon 4:47:10 Savannah Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon Savannah, GA 11/4/2017 4
50K 7:10:29 Corner Canyon 50K Draper, UT 8/24/2019 1


1st place (30-34), Puddle Jumper 5K, Odessa, MO, 8/3/2013
1st place (35-39), Feet on the Street 5K, Bowling Green, OH, 7/15/2017
1st place (Virtual), Jonny and Xena 5K, Laksevåg, Norge, 10/26/2019
2nd place (30-34), Hell or High Water 10K, Nashville, TN, 6/11/2012
2nd place (30-39), Montgomery Bell Breeze & Leaves 10K, Burns, TN, 11/3/2012
2nd place (35-39), Jonny & Xena "Spread the Words" 5K, Suwanee, GA, 10/29/2016
3rd place (25-29), Ribbon Run 5K, Farragut, TN, 4/19/2008
3rd place (30-39), AES Flying 5K, Alpharetta, GA, 2/20/2016

My progress on the quest to race every US State (17/50), hver Norges Fylk (6ish so far) and several countries.

Writing About Running:

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* On 12/2/18 in the Lisboa Meia-Maratona Descobrimentos my 10K split was 48:56.
** On 4/7/19 in the Berliner Halbmarathon my 15K split was 1:15:04..
*** On 11/4/2017 in the Savannah marathon my 10 mile split was 1:33:38.
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