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24 August 2007

300 (2007) - This movie is visually dark and reminds me very much of a comic book, eschewing the extreme realism that has become such a staple of historical cinema. Interesting though the cinematography is, I felt it detracted from the story - especially when visually stunning scenes with impossible geography were thrown in during the battles. Nevertheless, the message of freedom from empire and all its corrupt influences rang through clear.

19 July 2007

Thank You For Smoking (2005) - Now, I am not a smoker - I tried a cigar once and it made me violently ill. Nevertheless, I had only heard good things about this movie so when it showed up in the $5 bin at Walmart I figured I'd give it a whirl. I was not letdown as the film far exceeded the hype. It was satire at its absolute best - a clear Libertarian message evolved from the story without letting the characters get too preachy - most of the deleted scenes crossed this line and were well cut. As a bonus there is also a heartwarming subplot of a son learning to respect and emulate his father and eventually talking him out of the depths of despair. Jason Reitman, co-writer and director, is an apple who hasn't fallen far from the tree.

Review Archives: 2017 2006 2005

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