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Hi there! I'm Bradley Wogsland. I have four awesome kids (Alora, Brittan, Maxwell and Zara). These days I spend most of my time in Bergen, Norway, but I'm something of a digital nomad. Trained as a physicist, I published over 100 papers before leaving academia for industry. Now I manage engineers and write software for PopResearch (a Dynata company) and help companies monetize their data. If you'd like to trace the whole circuitous path of my life, have a look at my curriculum vitae

To get a window inside my head, you can read my writings. I've been developing this website since 1998 and blogging since 2004 so there's a lot out there to read. Here's a collection of my 10 best. My philosophy of life can best be summed up as having a threefold purpose: 1) pass on your genes, 2) pass on your memes, and 3) leave the world a better place than you found it. In human relations I believe ahimsa paramo dharma - nonviolence is always the best way - which probably makes me something of an anarcholibertarian.

I ran track in high school, got fat in college, and started running again in grad school. I've been running now for over a decade and the 70-year-old guys I see at races lead me to believe I'll be doing it for at least another 40. I also do yoga.

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