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Day One - Byfjorden, Erdal

Today after my run up Dronningen I got in the water outside the hytte. There's a lot of seaweed on the rocks, so it's not so nice to climb in when the tide is low. I did it anyway though, and now I've started this crazy journey we'll see how it goes!

Day Two - Byfjorden, Erdal

Day Three - Osterfjorden, Eknes

Yesterday I really started the day with the swim, but today I didn't make it down to the water until after 11. It was a solid way to get my blood flowing for the day though and I felt quite warm afterward. Also, walking to a diving board instead of trying to wade in from the rocks at my place was also easier.

Day Four - Osterfjorden, Eknes

Another morning swim at Eknes. I went into the water stressed and came out reborn.

Day Five - snowmelt lake, Storehesten

This morning I did the Storehesten Opp all by myself. Afterward I went for a swim in the snowmelt lake near Skaraly hytta. Every morning it is a struggle to force myself to swim, and every day afterward I feel rejunvenated. This morning I just felt like giving up because Google said they weren't interested in hiring me at this time. After the short, bracing swim I felt quite right, however, and ready to tackle the afternoon.

Day Six - Eikefjorden, Eikefjord

Day Seven - Jølstravatnet

Day Eight - Byfjorden, Solneset

Ran to Solneset park and jumped repeatedly off the diving board with my glee.

Day Nine - Byfjorden, Erdal

Short swim off the slippery rocks before heading out to play baseball games against the Oslo Pretenders.

Day Ten - Osterfjorden, Eknes

Day Eleven - Byfjorden, Erdal

Day Twelve - Byfjorden, Erdal

Day Thirteen - Byfjorden, Erdal

This evening's swim was a wussy little swim after baseball practice. I was already kinda soaked from playing in the rain, so it was rather redundent to get into the water. It's a long day. I feel like I'm barely keeping this project going!

Day Fourteen - Byfjorden, Erdal

Day Fifteen - Byfjorden, Erdal

Day Sixteen - Lammetovatnet, Askøy

I found a lake to swim in on my run this afternoon!

Day Seventeen - Øvre Botnavatnet, Høgafjellet, Osterøy

Day Eighteen* - Byfjorden, Solneset

Yesterday I did not get a swim in, so officially I broke the streak but I'm going to keep going anyway. It is often very hard to force myself to take the time to get into the water, but I never regret it afterward. Tonight was no exception and I capped off my evening run with a long leap off the diving board at Solneset. I'm a big fan of that park!

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